At Earle Design we are a passionate interior design company that assists clients in all aspects of interior design, including architectural finishes, décor and furniture. We collaborate with builders and architects, designing a functional space that is beautiful and practical.


We assist with professional furniture design and have strong relationships with suppliers and craftsmen. Furniture plays an important part in interior design and we aim to find the perfect furniture or design custom made furniture for your interior space.


As a leading interior design company in the Western Cape, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful interior spaces that enhance both comfort and function. We work closely with our clients to achieve their dream interior, be it a residential or corporate interior.


Our services include client analysis, site analysis, concept design, furniture design and installation, and advice on interior and exterior finishes. We aim to provide a complete interior design service that delivers a top-quality result for our valued clients.


Earle Design is an established interior design company dedicated to help you with all your design needs, whether it be a residential or commercial space. Our team is passionate and highly experienced in all facets of design and marketing


We specialise in..

With a strong background in design, we have the experience to take your property to the next level in visual elegance. 

Our interior project management expertise will not only stunningly transform your property into a visually attractive space, but also create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. Whether you have a residential or a commercial property, our experience in both industries is what drives us to perfection. We love discovering and showcasing a property’s potential.

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